Ukrainian Baroque

How the Ukrainian szlachta entertained themselves.

Nobel celebrations with music and dancing in the Cossack estates.

Dances of the Ukrainian gentry

What did the noblemen dance at the Christmas party at the Hetman's? How did they dress and what did they talk about? A unique dance show from the Al'entrada Theater in the style of Ukrainian Baroque reveals an unexplored era in Ukrainian culture.

In the XVII century, when folk dances intermingled with fashionable French pas, dances of the Ukrainian gentry were born. They are both romantic and playful, but always beautiful.

We invite you to the traditional reception!

The return of tradition, beautiful festivities with folk games and dances is gaining popularity among the Ukrainian cultural elite and worldwide.

Looking for a great theme? Al'entrada will help you organize a real gentry ball. Flamboyant dresses of ladies and the sound of sabers in militant Cossack dances will take you into the romantic atmosphere of the Ukrainian holiday of the XVII-XVIII centuries.



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