Stilt Walkers and Interaction

Sensation! Hurry up to our circus!

Giant people are in the city!

Colorful stilt walkers: circus show on stilts and fun interactions.

If you are looking for original performers or want to surprise the guests with a two-meter hostess the dancers of the Al'entrada Theater are what you need!

Historical and fairy-tale characters come to life on stilts: choose your own!

Harlequin, Pierrot and Colombina are ready to show their extreme dance show. Silent and mysterious participants of the Venice Carnival in magnificent costumes and mysterious masks will be an unusual addition to the party.
Take a photo of your kid in hands of a giant prince or dance with a huge butterfly. Great idea for a children's birthday, New Year, or Halloween.
Medieval wandering circus is now in Ukraine and it can travel the world! Stilts always create an atmosphere of a lively medieval fair and bring you joy.

Professional circus artists at your party or festival

Stilt-walkers of the Al’entrada Theater performed at various street festivals around the world. Like real wandering artists, they ripped off applause in Holland and Germany, Lithuania and Poland, in Japan and Cyprus. With great joy they will perform at your wedding, children's birthday or meet the guests of your event.

It will be colorful, interesting and professional!



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