Caution: the shine and luxury of the outfits can make your head spinning!

Welcome to the Renaissance Fair!

Brilliant Renaissance Dances

How many daydreamers have imagined themselves dancing at the Renaissance Fair? Together with the Al'entrada Theater, take a trip to the courtyard of Florence and Paris many centuries ago.

The rustle of long dresses, the elegance of music and dance will create a unique atmosphere of a fabulous journey during the time with beautiful ladies and gallant gentlemen.

  • brilliant volta - the beloved "shameless" dance of Queen Elizabeth of England;
  • refined pavana - the ‘opening’ dance of the old days;
  • cheerful bransles and country dances - folk dances, so beloved at the court;
  • and much more.

Book a historical dance performance for your festival or a turn-key ball for your birthday party

Add magic and fairy tales to any event - whether it's a wedding, a medieval festival or a New Year's celebration. It is so easy with a help of old music, magnificent dances and gorgeous outfits!

You can become spectators or direct participants of a historical ball, organized specially for you.



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