Medieval Dancers of Kyiv

A great feast in Kievan Rus: a burst of energy

Fun dances of old-Kyiv: show and interaction for children and adults

All-in-one performers of the Slavic Middle Ages - skomorokhs - danced at feasts and folk festivals, entertaining the guests at the court of Prince Vladimir, and now they are ready to arrange a real feast for you. Welcome to Ancient Kyiv with the Al'entrada Theater!

A fascinating dance tale about funny buffoons, mythical trolls and unexplored creatures.

Quick change of costumes, flag juggling, dancing on stilts and non-boring plot will attract an attention of viewers in different ages from the beginning and till the end.

Skomorokhs will invite you to lead the old round dances, play some games and have fun, like at Christmas time. Enjoy and party together!

Let’s start the feast!

Medieval Dancers of Kyiv is a show suitable for traditional festivities, both outdoors and indoors. A vivid performance for children and adults will carry you over to legendary times, when the Royals made great feasts for all the people around.



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