The splendor of the East, or another fairy tale of Shaherizade

Oriental Morisco Dance Show: unusual performance that captures the spirit

Welcome to visit Aladdin or a feast at the courtyard of the Spanish princess! The play "Moriscos" is a unique combination of medieval European and Oriental cultures. Dancers in exotic costumes will show an incredible show with various props: scarves, ribbons, wings and veils, and courageous guys will use their fire-swords standing on stilts.

In the Middle Ages baptized Arabs were called Moriscos. Many Moriscos worked as dancers at the courts of nobles. Their dances carried the charm of the East, yet were adapted for the western viewer.

Why is Moriscos show unique?

Supports on stilts, a dozen of different props, acrobatic stunts and circus elements, graceful dances and colorful costumes are far from a complete list of the reasons why Moriscos show is unique. You have not seen anything similar before!

The day program is filled with bright colors, and at night the fiery swords come on stage and the LED lights up.



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