Medieval Morris Dancers

The medieval travelling show starts is being started!

Welcome to the carnival square!

Buskers of the Middle Ages Welcome You to the Show

We will take you to the real feast! Medieval Morris Dancers can bring you back in time, to the age of great knights and beautiful maidens.

Fairy-tale outfits and vivid masks, many impersonations, ancient magic and real circus mastership are awaiting the viewers of the“Queen in Love” dancing play. Everything is possible on the stage of old Medieval theatre! Here the regular Rooster can turn into Prince Charming, and Princess can give up the whole kingdom for the true love.
What do the Medieval dances look like? Are they slow and gracious, or energetic and fun? During the Al’entrada theatre’s workshop, you may feel yourself a real inhabitant of the medieval castle. It became easier to learn the dances of Medieval Times! May I have your hand, My Lady, and welcome you to the medieval ball!

Become a Citizen of Medieval City!

Order a medieval fairy tale, so the sound of bells and colorful patches of the costumes can take you and your guests right in the middle of a carnival. Join the morris dancers to play, fight the witch and look for the adventures.



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