Folk Dances from All Over the World

Kaleidoscope of traditions: ethno-style is always in fashion

Colorful Dances from Around the World

Traditional features of each ethnic group are best reflected in dance. Whether it's Hava Nagila or a Japanese dance with an umbrella, an old Scandinavian or more modern cowboy dance.

Performers of the Al'entrada Theater will delight you with gigs based on Spanish or French folk dances and - of course - invite to dance together!

A wide choice of ethnic dances and interpretations to any taste: from Ukrainian folk traditions to country dances of the Wild West, from fun Viking dances to refined geisha movements, from circular Breton and Celtic dances to oriental dances of Egyptian gypsies.

A barn-party in traditional style

Folk dances truly create magic! They unite people and make the atmosphere of a real feast.

Book colorful dances of different ethnicities, performed by professionals, or order a lively and energetic dance workshop. Create an easy and relaxed atmosphere of folk festivities, because it's so easy to do with just one dance!



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