Fire and LED Show

We invite to the festival of fire and dance.

Visit the ancient fakirs and oriental witches!

Fire and LED show from the Al'entrada Theater can serve an all-purpose attraction of any party or event.

Magnificent choreography performed by graceful lady-dancers with shining LEDs and courageous warriors with fiery swords will add brilliance to your feast and give the zest that you are looking for.

Dance supports on stilts? Acrobatic stunts? A dozen of different props? All this is complemented by well-chosen music compositions and designer costumes.

Professionally, beautifully and originally

Fiery and neon show “Oriental Morisco Dance Show" is a unique performance, as it combines elements of choreographic and circus art, as well as classical fire show.

We offer an oriental fairy tale, wild dances of Ukrainian witches or graceful fire tango that will immerse your guests in an atmosphere of mystery and magic.



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