Sparkles of champagne and shine of dresses.

It's a CA-BA-RET, baby!

We dance in retro style.

Cabaret dances: book a cancan or hot tango in Kiev

Hot and passionate, fun and funny, accompanied by the best music, these dances will bring great mood and positive energy for the whole evening.

Performers of the Al'entrada Theater offer a trip straight to the legendary Moulin Rouge, the streets of the gangster Harlem or the honorable reception of Great Gatsby’s. The gloss of costumes, brilliant voice of the singer, interactive contests and dance workshops will make any holiday colorful and unforgettable.

Will you choose a turn-key party or a two-hour musical "Seven Rooms: Cabaret between Time and Space"?
The charm of the pre-revolutionary city lives in the music and dancing of Shulyavka and Jewish Podil. "Murka" will dance for you on the table, tradesmen from the Zhitniy market will bring "Bublychki", the prima will sing whiteguard romances about love and old Ukrainian tangos.

Take a tour of the imaginary tram route number 7, straight into the colorful Variety show of Bulgakov's time called "Marmalade ".

Book a bohemian party in retro style

Even a few dances in the cabaret style will add a particular charm to your party. What can be said about the full show with live songs and interactive master classes?

Montmartre? Broadway? A cozy cabaret in the center of Kyiv? Take a trip through time and space - travel to the era when jazz was born, directly into the heyday of bohemian life.



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