Balls and Parties

I want it magnificent and brilliant!

Wanna dance at the Renaissance Fair, and exclusively with Prince!

Historical Balls and Retro Parties

To experience the atmosphere of the historical era at a full scale is possible only during the feast, turning from an ordinary guest into an engaged participant of the celebration. At this kind of event, it's easy to feel like a character from a book or a historical person: accomplishing quests, dancing, or simply watching the show.

Would you like to take a look at the feast of King Arthur and his knights? Or maybe you are more intrigued by the brilliance of the Italian balls of the Medici and Borgia families? Would you like to be one of the three musketeers who bravely saved the honor of the Queen?

Or maybe you will be interested in a folk style picnic with roundabouts and the May tree. A party in the saloon on the Wild West? A celebration on a pirate ship? Or a modest reception at Mikhail Bulgakov’s in the early twentieth century.

Thematic parties have a special charm, don’t you think?

We Will Organize Your Event

Al’entrada will happily take care of organizing your event:

  • development of the theme;
  • musical design in the style of the chosen century;
  • dance shows;
  • live singing;
  • interactive games and master classes;
  • ...and much more.


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